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A Top Running Overhead Crane is any crane that runs on two parallel runway beams over More information. Appendix F Addition of items to load controlling parts. Section 3 Changed titile and relocated from section 2. Addition of secondary controllers.

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Alberta Lift Truck Chariot de levage industriel This material has been extracted from the Acts and Regulations of the Province to help students understand the subject. Safety Safety Safety 1.

Paragraph Added signal person responsibilities.

Weight Handling

Paragraph Added crane operation in lieu of weight handling operation as basis for crane accident. Additional Inspector signature blocks added.

Item 64 Addition of secondary hoist limit switch criteria. Paragraph Exemption provided for certain MHE attachments. Item 34 Addition of seals, boots, and guards. Defective rigging, as specified in Appendix F, shall be removed from service.

Slings Purpose Slings Purpose Scope Slings, a component of hoisting and rigging systems, are used to lift o move loads. Addition of maximum allowable increase in hook spread.

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Bruce Welch guiding the deg. Paragraph e Clarification of existing expectation.

With Lab-Volt s Rigging System, students learn how to move. It is not an official source of More information. Paragraph New requirements for inspection of used wire rope. Paragraph d Clarification on control mechanism check. Paragraph d Clarified that capacity is certified capacity. Added trolleys and welded links and rings. In the State, alloy steel chain, wire rope, natural and synthetic fiber rope, and synthetic web.

A truck or mobile crane consists of an upper carriage with front end attachment such as a box or lattice type boom and optional jib boom extension. Addition of manual valve and controller checks. Added sister hook equal loading and lifting hole requirements.

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Paragraph Revised to match new load test guidelines. Additional clarifications on other notes. Figure Addition of additional data boxes.

Paragraph Relocated from paragraph Added exceptions and clarifications. Section 11 Previous paragraphs from section moved to engineering or program management, as appropriate. Paragraph Addition of section 13, entertainment hoists. Item 35 New requirement for documentation of barge maintenance.

Paragraph g Added fire extinguisher familiarization requirements. Slings Purpose Scope Slings, a component of hoisting and rigging systems, are used to lift and move loads. Paragraph b Change in test load tolerance. Elimination of Navy medical 3007 from requirement to be on registered list. Third party certification requirements moved to section 4.

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