God is a matchmaker derek prince

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He can say to his parents, "In this case, my conscience does not allow me to do what you ask of me, but I still respect and honor you. God Is a Matchmaker 4. It sounded Oriental —something like Chinese or Japanese. The grace of God in redemption offers us two positive antidotes: The people there had a special love for Israel and also close personal ties with me.

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A couple entering marriage unprepared and ill-matched are doomed at best to endless frustration, and, more often than not, to total failure. For the most part, I heard His voice speaking within my spirit with a quiet authority that could come from no other source but Mqtchmaker Himself. It is He who initiates the action, and it is in Him that it comes to degek climax.

Marriage is the closest and most intimate form of companionship possible between two people. That was where I enjoyed the closest fellowship.

God Is a Matchmaker by Derek Prince

They were in Jerusalem for just half-a-day and wanted to get in touch with her, but did not have our address or phone number. With my consent, she seated herself on the floor, with her back propped against the wall and her knees turned to gid side. He is simply warning us that we cannot afford to establish with unbelievers the close relationships that are appropriate with believers.

Charles Simpson performed the ceremony and was joined by the ;rince teachers in committing us to the Lord.

Besides that, he also writes his teaching about marriage in this book, I always liked his teaching, because he taught what he himself experienced deerek God.

This expansion of our dfrek has taken us on long and arduous journeys to more and more countries. Make up your mind from this moment on, if you have not already done so, that marriage with an unbeliever is outside of God's plan for your life. Fasting for Breakthrough and Deliverance By: In the few hours I had spent in the home, I had perceived how many burdens she had to bear, with no helper except one Arab maid.

What this book has to offer for women is so small and so culturally based, with only passing I don't normally write reviews, but I had to on this one. If I really believe God has shown me His will, I had better begin to act.

As I have written elsewhere: I was overjoyed to find that both he and his wife came together to author it. People who approach marriage on this basis will never experience either the physical or the spiritual fulfillment that the Bible promises to those who follow its pattern!

No man is complete by himself. Romance without passion ends in frustration. Chapter 9 offers special counsel for parents, which will help them to guide their children through that difficult and dangerous phase of fife in which they wrestle with the emotional and spiritual problems of choosing a mate. There remains one more important attitude mahchmaker consider: The context was a bit traditional ar times.

They must choose a site, hire an architect and a derrek, discuss plans of many kinds, and make countless decisions concerning all the details of style and decoration.

We are no longer waifs or orphans. Add to that the possibility that your appointed mate may not even live in the same country which was true in each of my marriages. He places it princf the hands of those who follow Him in the path of faith and obedience. I had my lrince background to consider, too. But why does Paul emphasize that it is to be a living sacrifice?

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God Is A Matchmaker

Binding the Strongman By: I committed my whole life to God. The next week, in the same room, I experienced what I knew must be a supernatural infilling of the Holy Spirit. God never plans anything bad or harmful for any of His children.

If you will read on through this book and follow the counsel it offers concerning marriage, you will discover what God has planned for this area of your fife, and His plan will be fulfilled.

There is one other category of people to whom this book may appeal:

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