Rtca do-160d

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Repeat this procedure for an interrupt period of ms. Category B1 Equipment intended for installation in a non-pressurized but controlled temperature location in an aircraft that is operatedat altitudes up to 25, ft 7, m MSL is identified as Category B 1. These tests are not intended to verify performance of hermetically sealed equipment. Where, however, fumigation withpropylene oxide is adopted, it will benoted that fumigation prior to washing will ensure that all residues washed from the chamber are completely harmless. Although both sinusoidal and random test procedures for the applicable test curves are defined below, only the sinusoidal or random test needs to be performed.

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Over a two-hour period, plus or minus 10 minutes, raise the chamber rhca to 50 degrees Celsius and increase the relative humidityto at least95 percent. The crash safety test verifies that certain equipment will not detach from its mountings or separate in a manner that presents a hazard during an emergency landing.


The equipment test requirements are the sameas for EnvironmentI1 except that fault do-1160d in Category A equipment need not be considered. Repeat this procedure for an interrupt period of ms for Category A equipment, and 1 second for category Z equipment.

Demonstratesperformanceat for fuselage and instrument panel equipment when higher vibration levels and after long term vibration exposure the specific rotor frequencies are unknown.

The fluids are representative of those commonly used fluids encounteredin airborne and ground operations.

Except for hermetically sealed equipment, open the equipment enclosure and examinethe both interior and exterior for evidence of deterioration. Definition Dl-160d in the range ttca zeroto the appropriate minimumvoltage may occurfor any duration up to ten minutes. The test itemshall not be exposedto this test run. Apply a minimum of 50 transients of each polarity withina period of one minute. The equipment shall be attached to the fixture or vibration table by the meansspecifiedin the equipmentspecification.

Test conditions and procedures for equipment using other electrical power must be defined in applicable equipment performance standards.

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Examples of this category are dc systems supplied from variable-speed generators where: The VSWR of the attenuators and loads shall be less than 1. In certain cases,however,it is acceptable to simulate the effects of inertia by applying forces statically through the center of gravityof the equipment under test, providing itcanbe determined that other parts within the equipment can be contained within the casing of the equipment should they break loose.

The specified test time shall be applied to each frequency band. The dwell time at each test frequency shall be at least one second, exclusive of test equipment settling time.

RTCA DO Testing to DO D, E & F

Salt Spray Important Notice Information pertinentto this test procedure is contained in Sections 1, 2 and 3. A salt solution reservoir with means for maintaining an adequate level of solution. The magnetic field power source isto not be synchronized with the power source of the equipment power supply.

It is the responsibility of those who wish to apply the test conditions and procedures contained in this do-610d to determine the applicability of these test conditions and procedures to a specific equipment intended for installation on, or within, a specific or general class or type of aircraft. The electrical bonding of equipment, connectors, and wire bundles shall be representative of aircraft installations as specified by the applicable installation and interface controldrawings or diagrams.

Radiated Susceptibility Test Levels The test frequencies shall be logarithmically spaced.

For equipment intended for installation in such locations,the drip proof test procedure applies and the equipment od-160d identifiedas Category W. Under nocircumstances shall dust be removed byeither air blast or vacuum cleaning.

MET Labs is a service leader and trusted provider of product testing and regulatory certification of electrical products for leading brands and companies in the United States, Europe and worldwide.

The variations of primary system frequency due to frequency modulation during any two-minute period or as specified in the equipment specification will be within a band about the mean frequency definedby Figure Such equipment shall be designed so that in normal operation the temperature of any external surfbces will not rise to a level capableof causing ignition.

Test condition numbers 8 and 15 are for category Z, dc powered equipment only. Allow 15 minutes maximum following the application of primary powerfor the equipment to warm up.

Requirement for Single Phase Equipment 1 Operate the equipment for atleast five minutes with the primarypower adjusted to V rms. For equipment designatedto operate underemergency electrical system conditions: Maintain this temperature for at vo-160d three hours. Mechanical loads on drive assemblies and servomechanical and electrical loads on switches and relays may be simulated if proper precaution is given to duplicating the normal load in respect to torque, voltage, current, inductive reactance, etc.

Categories of Equipment Category D Do-106d installed in locations where the equipment is subjected to blowing sand and dust in the course of normal aircraft operations is identified as Category D and shouldbe tested as recommended in the following paragraphs.

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