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History of the Peloponnesian War this document. It is no accident that even today Thucydides turns up as a guiding spirit in military academies, neocon think tanks and the writings of men like Henry Kissinger ; whereas Herodotus has been the choice of imaginative novelists Michael Ondaatje's novel The English Patient and the film based on it boosted the sale of the Histories to a wholly unforeseen degree and—as food for a starved soul—of an equally imaginative foreign correspondent from Iron Curtain Poland, Ryszard Kapuscinski. It is not permitted to upload this file to Facebook.

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Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position: The Annales Schoolwhich exemplifies this direction, has been viewed as extending the tradition of Herodotus. He also records that he owned gold mines at Scapte Hyle literally "Dug Woodland"a coastal area in Thraceopposite the island of Thasos.

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In the case of conflicting or unlikely accounts, he presents both sides, says what he believes and then invites readers to decide for themselves.

The sacred places also in which they had quartered themselves were full of corpses of persons who had died there, just as they were; for, as the disaster passed all bounds, men, not knowing what was to become of them, became equally contemptuous of the property of and the dues to the deities. Media with locations Photographs by User: Adobe Photoshop CC Windows. Thucydides has no political aim in view: Occasionally, however, strong passions break through, as in his scathing appraisals of the democratic leaders Cleon [23] [24] and Hyperbolus.


Thucydides is generally regarded as one of the first true historians. Orla and decoration of Florentine school.

Greek and Roman Materials. Thus, when Thucydides arrived, Amphipolis was already under Spartan control. Find more about Thucydides at Wikipedia's sister projects.

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During the winter of — BC, the Spartan general Brasidas attacked Amphipolisa half-day's sail west from Thasos on the Thracian coast, instigating the Battle of Amphipolis. In the tucdides century, the English political philosopher Thomas Hobbeswhose Leviathan advocated absolute monarchy, admired Thucydides and in was the first to translate his writings into English directly from Greek.

Euclesthe Athenian commander at Amphipolis, sent to Thucydides for help.

Hide browse bar Your current position in the text is marked in blue. More search options Limit Search to: For by the experience of many years I had the honour to serve him, I know this: This is all that Thucydides wrote about his own life, but a few other facts are available from reliable contemporary sources.

Thucydides identifies himself as an Atheniantelling us that his father's name was Olorus and that he was from the Athenian deme of Halimous.

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Such readings often described Xenophon's treatises as attempts to "finish" Thucydides's History.

And now, imitating in this civil worship the religious worship of the gentiles; who, when they dedicated any thing to their gods, brought and presented the same to their images: Typically, he passes no tucidjdes judgment on what he has heard. In the lower part, shield of Calabria.

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View this and other nearby images on: New York, Oxford University Press Thucydides has been dubbed the father of " scientific history " by those who accept his claims to have applied strict standards of impartiality and evidence-gathering and analysis of cause and effect, without reference to intervention by the deities, as outlined in his introduction to his work. At the same time, Thucydides's influence was increasingly important in the area of international relations during the Cold War, through the work of Hans MorgenthauLeo Strauss[71] and Edward Carr.

More recently, scholars have questioned the perception of Thucydides as simply, "the father of realpolitik". I could recommend the author unto you, not impertinently, for that he had in his veins the blood of kings; but I choose rather to recommend him for his writings, as having in them profitable instruction for noblemen, and such as may come to have the managing of great and weighty actions.

Since the appearance of her study, other scholars further examined Thucydides's treatment of realpolitik.

Loin decorated with feathers fucidides a a candelieri style motif, golden edges. Cochrane, the son of a physician, speculated that Thucydides generally and especially in describing the plague in Athens was influenced by the methods and thinking of early medical writers such as Hippocrates of Kos. Summary [ edit ] Description Historia de la Guerra del Peloponeso.

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