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Hopefully someone can educate me on the veracity of the following claims: It's not just omission of "brackets" as in a typo ; in that case the highlighted parts "We" and "i. Except for the addition of parenthetical comments.

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Is Sahih International Reliable? - - Muslim Forum

Let me demonstrate it in comparison with other major translations: Originally posted by M. However, I have avoided the Hilali-Khan translation because of the controversies surrounding it. Now, I hope no-one is going to be offended by the following question; I would like to prefix what I say next by stating that I recognise the importance of not slandering or calumniating a person. It is not reliable at all!! During the affliction of Ibn Az-Zubair, two men came to Ibn 'Umar internnational said, "The people are lost, and you are the son of 'Umar, internatioonal the companion of the Prophet, so what forbids you from coming out?

Login or Sahedh Up. Originally posted by Ibn muqaddas View Post. Is Sahih International Reliable? Sometimes, the translations might give a little bit harsh view of the Qur'an.

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I have had a quick look at his translation and it appears to be very similar, almost identical, to the Sahih International translation. Except for the addition of parenthetical comments.

Please understand that this is not my intention. It's not just omission of "brackets" as in a typo ; in that case the highlighted parts "We" and "i.

Well I've just checked the sahih international translation published by al muntada al islami and maktabah booksellers and this is what it actually says: But when the Muslims increased, there was no more fitnah afflictions or oppressions.

Either way the meaning is correct as per tafsir ibn kathir. According to my understanding Saheeh International, and some other translations, insert in the brackets what some Musffasirs have said regarding the Verse. Last edited by M. The Sahih International version features parenthetical comments far less frequently, which I would say that I am more comfortable with because commentary obviously does not have the same authenticity as direct translations.

Previous 1 2 template Next. A man would be put to trial because of his religion; he would either be killed or tortured.

Our angels] are nearer to him than you, but you do not see". Originally posted by Free-Palestine View Post.

Quran - Saheeh International Translation English

They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it Last edited by Ibn muqaddas ; Until now, I used to hold Sahih International in very high regards. I am simply stating the criticisms which are made of this translation and then requesting that someone make a post on the veracity of those claims.

The "omission" seems intentional. Is it considered to be an accurate translation?

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This verse totally destroys their anthropomorphic 'creed', hence they changed it!! Zakir Naik recommends English translation of …: Salaam, I have read the first 18 chapters of the Sahfeh using the English translation of the Q'uran by Sahih International and I wanted to know if it is regarded as reliable.

What made you perform Hajj in one year and Umra in another year and leave the Jihad for Allah' Cause though you know how much Allah recommends it? I wanna ask is Tafseer Ibn Kathir the best one so far, or is there any other one?

Isn't is better to learn the tafseer rather than rely on the translation only? And as for 'Ali, he is the cousin of Allah's Apostle and his son-in-law.

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