Speed seduction patterns

By | 11.08.2018

Only do this AFTER you've gone out at least once, or already got her hot and horny on your first meeting. Trance phrases to get her imagining already having been with you and really enjoyed it. Good luck, and remember: This basically creates a strong compulsion via submodality shifts and locks inthat change.

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Seduction Patterns Pages 1 - 46 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

If for example, you see a woman you'd like to meet, but she's walking in the opposite direction, do you think, "Oh well. Do you sincerely wish to be able to seduce tons of gorgeous woman, and have the power to create states of overwhelming lust and attraction in the hottest women around?

Keep in mind, as always, that this is NOT a "magic bullet" so it should be used as part of an overall seduction structure. Like, I was thinking about how, formany people falling in love can sometimes take months. These patterns should be used if that should occur. And some of them, up until now, have not been included in any of our available courses!

What a difference in the way they think, you know? Sex FrogRemember, this is a dirty joke. Love When to use pattern: It's purpose is to get her to meet you for coffee anyway, at which time you can play with her mind using any of the other patterns we'll give you.

How to Lay Girls Guide

Modified from Ross Jeffries' original FiL pattern: There is a coachman, dressed in fine clothing. Yet one can only lay back,Or jump right inFor the heat is too strongAnd the moist gently caresses you. It's lovely in all ways, and asshe is escorted to the door, she notices that inside the entire restaurant is festooned with flowers and candlesgiving off a wonderful mixture of exotic scents. What did you see?

Mark Shepard April 4,5: A good understanding for you to have about any form of persuasion or influence is: Keep your skills a secret! Notice how you use expressed pstterns as a softener. Whether you are or you aren't, remember that using these basic building blocks, you'll be able to create virtually any and all states you want to, very rapidly, in the women you really desire.

And it was really interesting to learn that attraction takes place when like someone is sitting across from youand you just notice something about them Such a passive attitude encourages her to take advantage not only of you, but of other men who come along and make the same mistake. Like maybe as you were there, looking at him, and you started to LISTEN CAREFULLY, it was like his voice just seemed to wrap itself around you, and the rest of your environment just disappeared, and your entire world, everything you saw, became what was right in front of you?

And the closer I get to it, the stronger my line is and the smaller the fish gets. This is why we seldom, if ever, give a direct command, because she might resist it.

Splash on your moossst seductive perfume. You are now telling her that you didn't act like thetypical male bastard by not ringing her after getting what all males only want.

Speed Seduction Patterns

There are two basic types of anchoring. Also an important note, why patterns might not work on some women Me, I know that's how it can go down on me point to your dickee! On a date the most important thing to think about is: Only you can determine how much power you're going to give a woman to stop you!! This hard working and economic minded swabian girls are more responsive ore more triggered by this direct and short patterns.

On the date, or within the first 10 minutes of meeting her, after making general fluff talk. I am a student for two years now, thank you for changing my life and thus that of so many woman. Let's say for example you'd like for a woman to imagine you going down on her and her feeling really hot and horny. What are some of the best patterns to learn and memorize?

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