Asp net mvc3 interview questions and answers

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I guess it's really hard to find any really new topic to add to this list, but I guess there is still room to expand already mentioned topics. Net MVC works in this style. Placeholders will be given to match the request URL pattern. For Window applications, MVP, i. The code within this file.

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Also you can grab some ideas of interview questions from this asp. TempData is again a key, value pair as ViewData. For group of views that all use the same layout, this can get a bit redundant and harder to maintain. To create reusable interciew child actions are used and this will be embedded into the parent views.

Below is the sample code snippet to add css to razor views —. This turn to be easier and useful for decoupling the application components and making them easier to test and more configurable.

The Partial helper renders a partial view into a string. It matches incoming requests that would not otherwise match a file on the file system and maps the requests to a controller action. Diving in OOP Day 6: You can also find more related implementation details here: Below is the sample code snippet to add css to razor views: The views are just the presentation form of an application, it does not aasp to aps specifically about the requests coming from controller. MVC Interview Questions - tutorialspoint

We cannot add the test cases in Visual Studio Express edition it can be added only in Professional and Ultimate versions of Visual Answrs. Partial view is a reusable view like a user control which can be embedded inside other view. For example, this code will always fail: If Tempdata is assigned in the current request then it will be available for the current request and the subsequent request and it depends whether data in TempData read or not.

Redirects the requestor to another URL by returning either a temporary redirect code or permanent redirect code depending upon a Boolean Permanent flag. Section are the part of HTML which is to be rendered in layout page. It works, but it was designed to support editing controls in a graphical editor, and that legacy shows.

There are total nine return types we can use to return results from controller to view. NET MVC will provide both client and server side validation checks with no additional coding required. MVC Interview Questions and Answers – Code Teddy

The below scenario can become worse if we have a lot of JavaScript files resulting in multiple requests, thus decreasing performance. Placeholders will be given to match the request URL pattern.

The first step is to set the authentication mode equal to Forms. Following are features added newly —. Uses an architecture that combines the Controller code behind and the View. Below are the methods used to render the views from action.

ASP.Net MVC Interview Questions and Answers

They are useful for declaring variables that we may need to use later. Below are the important namespaces used in MVC.

Target element which is populated from the action returning HTML. The default view engine fi rst looks for views with names ending with. Hi …this is priyanka i am learning mvc framework im struggling to get the answer can you help me out this.

Most of the time developers code in the action methods. Making your application able to support a range of languages and locales. ViewModel can have the validation rules defined for its properties using data annotations. For answerx conside the below screen of a online bank. In case auestions a typical ASP.

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