What young india wants chetan bhagat

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Error description Maximum characters. Aug 09, Diane rated it liked it. No words for which you need to use the dictionary.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Chetan says that these sparks can be invoked by three factors and should be protected from four storms. Like, corruption, education, Kingfisher bankruptcy, ill-treatment faced by a girl child etc etc. In clear, simple prose, and with great insight, he analyses some of the complex issues facing modern India, offers solutions and invites discussion on them. Jul 11, Aditi rated it really liked it.

Thus more people discuss about these issues and we can expect more and more probable solutions for these issues. However, that doesn't mean I am his Blind follower because I too use my brain when it comes to thinking about social and political issues, but his articles are indeed worked as a Brain Tonic, mostly.

What Young India Wants

Well for the people living in India i really think youn should giv though i don't generally read non-fiction this having been written by one of my favorite author made me want to read it. Jun 15, Subramanyam K.

Aug 09, Socrates Chinniah rated it liked it Recommends it for: It touches upon some less discussed issues like 'Is diversity helping India or is creating confusion? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The problem of Indian voters due to servility, injustice or devising has been emphasized.

Ok, coming to the book and the contents.

What Young India Wants - Wikipedia

Problems of the farmers, the seven sisters of the north-eastern India along with that of minorities are not only discussed but given a tangible solution as well. Bold title, blonde text! It will definitely give you a feel that he is better off writing fiction rather than these serious stuff! It expresses his thoughts on the things wantz have to be done to make the dream of a dynamic and strong India possible in the near future. It's the same shit that rest of Indians say about their own country.

Thirdly, never think that life is unfair comparing to others connections, rich dads and beautiful faces. But however i don't completely agree with his views with all do respect but over all it's a good read with its simplistic narration styles and genre.

Feb 18, Sougata Ray nidia it really liked it. The book is compiled for the masses and majorly for the youth of India.

Indians who have immigrated to the United States are vehement when discussing the issue: It is such a disrespect to the spirit and diversity of who we are. The topics picked up by the author are good and relevant but they lack depth and discussion appears shallow.

If it had been any other author it might be a bit boring but this one is a beauty. Combine this with a hyper-awareness of the family's status within the community, couched in terms such as "family honor," "duty of firstborn," and "we will be finished if you don't succeed," and you get kids pressured to succeed at all costs in a system that is whxt from the start.

What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat in PDF, EPUB & MOBI

This book will be remembered less for the exact solutions he's proposed for the problems of India many might debate that they are too simplistic and also India is not that simple an animal but more for goung it stands for - his encouraging us to start thinking - and to start thinking in whatever capacity we are and to never stop thinking cos that is to lose hope - lose hope in our country ever getting better and thus letting the problem fester.

Not each of the above questions has a justifiable answer or a quick solution but they can be given a thought. A decent read, though in vignettes. A spider-man toy was enough to excite us to jump on the beds. Jul 25, Indira Mukhopadhyay rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Jul 03, Ananya Madhusoodanan added it.

What Young India Wants by Chetan Bhagat in PDF, EPUB & MOBI – Ebookz

Secondly, the solutions whatt articulated for some of the issues were far more simple and far-fetched in the context of present circumstances. We choose leaders from the craze which their dads own. DebutantsBeginnersPeople interested in Social issues concerning India.

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