Samudrika shastra

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It may, perhaps, be hazarded that God stimulates the sub-conscious mind in con- nection with the coming change, and because of the intimate connection between the hand and the mind, imprints are made or modified on the palm. Today in the following slides we are going to cover some face-analysis for woman and what it reveals about their life. If depressed or absent, there is a deficiency of creative, original talent. Sometimes there are gaps between the fingers, wlien they are held close together. These are types classified according to shape.

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One should note the exact position of the sign. With this in mind, I feel mat a book that combines both Eastern and Western methods of hand-reading would complete and round ofiF our knowledge of this subject and meet a long-felt need, 1 have freely consulted the standard works, such as: Traditional stories in India thus abound with descriptions of rare auspicious markings found shasrta the bodies of memorable people.

If they are equal in length and samkdrika together, they are looked upon as good.

The thumb is large and well-formed, and the first knot is also in evidence. The accident of birth has played in the past, and continues to play, a great part in the career of every human being.

These people are also extremely self- centred. Short, thin and flat at the base with little or no moons, they are infallible signs of weak action of the heart.

The Mount of Jupiter. The nose is long and straight. Cheiro's Own Hand Future Point.

Samudrika Shastra: These physical features in women reveal their true nature!

Tliese have been illustrated with readings of the hands of well-known figures in world history. The view of the sages' of Samudrrika that the left hand of a woman should be read is based on the evidence of facts which cannot be easily confuted. Although you are deeply romantic, you never let yourself become unrealistic in love. If the line of head slopes to the mount of the Moon, it denotes a dishonest, untruthful, cunning and deceitful nature.

The Fingjer of Apollo, or the Ring Finger.

When the third phalange of the finger dominates and is coupled with a high mount of Jupiter, the subject will be ex- cessively haughty. Hair Soft, black, long hair is lucky. He is superstitious, greedy, and obstinate. Unevenly traced lines denote loss of money. Please try again later. The eyes being round or almond-shaped are sympathetic and. If the little finger is nearly as long as the third, it is the mark of a savant and philosopher.

It is generally long and large; and, if it is so, it indicates great qualities associated with eminent, strong character. If the thumb of a woman is somewhat round in shape, she is the wife of a rich person.

Samudrik Shastra and Face Analysis

It might be objected that the study of hand-reading is likely to foster superstition among the students. He will have a longing to chng to life, and is not anxious to spoil his chances of improving his lot, even if this can be done at the cost of others.

He is, however, incapable ot reah izing his ideals. When reading a hand, it is necessary to ascertain whether a subject has more will than reasoning power or vice versa.

Samudrika Shastra

The hand of the Infanta Eulalia of Spain shown on Plate I, is remarkable, if only for the quantity o Knees If she has sastra, smooth, good looking knees, then consider her to a magnet for good luck. Self-control and cheerfulness can be read from the mounts. If thumbs take the shape of a lotus bud, she is fit to be married by a King. When the mount of Jupiter is abnormally developed and the finger is long, the subject will be vain, selfish, conceited and tyrannical.

Samudrika Shastra is a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as "knowledge samudrikq body features.

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